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Welcome to the Westminster College Internship Program!

Westminster College understands and supports the value of experiential education. Click the link below for a summary of our most recent student internships.
An internship IS:
An opportunity to
  • apply classroom learning to a real-world environment
  • learn skills and knowledge that are transferrable to other employment settings
  • make a meaningful contribution to an organization
  • learn and investigate potential career pathways
  • gain entry-level experience in a particular field  

An internship is NOT:

  • a part-time job
  • a volunteer position
  • a chance to improve your coffee-fetching or filing skills
  • 100% grunt work

The Internship Program at Westminster College is your opportunity to expand your boundaries by undertaking an intentional work experience that relates to your career interests and academic program.

Current students:
Access the Career Development's MyWC page for current internship registration deadlines and handouts.  

For more information:
Contact the Internship Coordinator at 573-592-5382 or internship@westminster-mo.edu

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JT Young, class of 2019, Missouri SenateJT Young, class of 2019, Missouri Senate


chyanneschwerdt_spring2018internshipChyanne Schwerdt, class of 2020, ProAcct Financial
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