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Academic Advising - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri

For new freshmen, Academic Advising at Westminster begins during the summer prior to the student's freshman year. Freshmen are advised by the faculty member who teaches their Westminster Seminar course and have this same advisor until they Declare a Major.

At that point they are assigned to a full-time faculty member in the department of the major. Students may request a change in their advisor at any point in their college career, but typically continue with their Freshman Advisor until they receive a Major Advisor. Students who transfer into Westminster typically receive an advisor in the area of their intended major, although they still must complete a Declaration of Major Form.

Academic advisors assist students in course scheduling and planning and in determining co-curricular experiences that match the student's interests and career goals. Of course, the final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and the successful completion of all graduation requirements rests with the student.

Each student should become knowledgeable about the relevant policies and procedures of the College in addition to the General Education Requirements and the course requirements for their major. Students should contact their advisors with any question and may also talk with the Associate Dean about their questions or concerns.

Students should be sure to meet with their Advisor at least once during each semester to decide on courses, check progress towards graduation, and discuss the suitability of other opportunities at the College.

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