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Educated to Lead. Inspired to Achieve.

Concept for Student Development

Developing Leaders in a Global Community

BasketballAt Westminster, we take our mission seriously: to offer our students not only a distinctive liberal arts education but also a dynamic developmental experience during their years on campus. As our President likes to say, "We have many classrooms, some of which are in academic buildings." In other words, we are committed to offering each and every student a transformational experience-both inside and outside the traditional classroom-that will prepare them well for life beyond college.

Our model, called the Concept for Student Development, articulates for the Westminster community our shared understanding of how we organize all our programs. It encompasses our first principles for student development in all areas of campus life, including the classroom, the sports field, an experiential learning environment, a student organization, or a work-study position.

The challenge of the college years is to help students develop a strong sense of self that allows them to face the complex mental, social, emotional, and spiritual demands of modern life. For students to be successful we provide developmental programs designed for their individual interests and needs; we challenge them to take responsibility for their own development; and we encourage them to learn from their experiences.

Professor AmspokerAt the heart of the Concept for Student Development is our statement of purpose - Developing Leaders In A Global Community. This statement weaves together our focus on the liberal arts, leader development, and global engagement, within the context of a highly diverse campus community. The result is an integrated plan that lays the foundation for the change that takes place between the columns, from first year student convocation through graduation.

The Westminster College Concept for Student Development touches students in all aspects of personal growth, including intellectual, ethical, professional, social, and wellness. At the same time, we understand that it is important to offer experiences in these areas that mature as our students mature, which is why students are first offered foundational skills, followed by an exposure to a broad base of knowledge, and finally are provided a capstone experience that pulls everything together. As a result, Westminster students are prepared to make the most of their experiences, are inspired to excel within a highly supportive environment, are given the guidance they need to understand their development, and most importantly are encouraged to become lifelong learners.

View the complete plan for Student Development here.

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