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Information for Faculty

The Wellness Center
501 Westminster Ave.
Fulton, MO 65251
(Located in the lower level of Westminster Hall)
Ph: (573) 592-5361
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (walk-in or call and schedule an appointment)

The Wellness Center (The Well) offers a variety of services and resources in an effort to support students in their academic pursuits, and continued growth in healthy and proactive ways. The Wellness Center operates from a holistic perspective, meaning that we feel as though individuals can only reach their fullest potential when all areas (including physical, nutritional, and mental health) are cared for/addressed. Please note that a list of specific services offered is provided on the drop down menu on the left of this page.

When Should You Refer a Student to The Wellness Center?

  • The problem is more serious than you feel comfortable handling
  • You have helped as much as you can and further assistance is needed
  • The student admits that there is a problem but does not want to talk to you about it
  • The student asks for information or assistance that you are unable to provide
  • You have noticed a decrease in class attendance, missing assignments, declining grades, or other behavioral changes such as tearfulness or angry outbursts

How To Make a Referral to The Wellness Center

  • After making the decision to refer a student to The Wellness Center, it is recommended that you approach the student in a caring, direct manner. When referring a student for services it is important that you express your specific concerns and reasons/encouragement for the referral as well as which Wellness Center services you may feel are appropriate (a list of such services is provided below).
  • Students are encouraged to make their own appointments if possible. If you feel comfortable you may help facilitate the referral by offering the use of your phone, or if determined to be an immediate concern/crisis, you may accompany them to the Wellness Center in order to schedule an appointment or meet with someone immediately. If not an urgent need, the student can call the Wellness Center at (573) 592-5361 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment or walk-in during business hours. The receptionist will arrange an intake appointment with a therapist as soon as possible. It is important to take all suicidal/homicidal expressions seriously. If the student presents with such thoughts and you do not feel comfortable in accompanying them to The Wellness Center and/or they refuse to go to The Wellness Center, please contact The Wellness Center IMMEDIATELY so potential safety issues can be addressed. An on-call counselor can be reached after hours by contacting Campus Security at (573) 592-5555.
  • Above all, conveying to the student that you genuinely care for their wellbeing and success at Westminster can provide the student with hope and encouragement in following through with engagement in The Wellness Center services.

Wellness Center Services
The Wellness Center offers an array of services including:

  • Physical Health Care
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students (BASICS)
  • Individual & Couples Counseling
  • Educational/Support Groups (*the type and occurrence of groups may change each semester and depends on student interest as well as staff availability)
  • Outreach Services (such as guest lectures and presentations upon request)
  • Referrals to Community-Based Services (as clinically appropriate)
  • Consultation with Parents and Faculty/Staff

A Note about Confidentiality: Since student(s) are over the age of 18, by law (through the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), The Wellness Center is unable to release or disclose student health information (including counseling) unless they initiate and complete the necessary paperwork or an Authorization for Release of Information which specifies what information is to be released and to whom. Without the appropriate documentation or release, the Wellness Center staff are unable to either confirm or deny that a student receives Wellness Center services. With this being stated, Wellness Center staff are available to receive information from others including parents and faculty/staff and can provide consultation services as questions and concerns arise.

***All services are voluntary, confidential, and covered by student fees.

Verification of Wellness Center Services

The Westminster Wellness Center will only provide a "verification of care" form directly to the student. This form will provide the date of the student's appointment with the clinic and are NOT an excuse from class or other academic responsibilities (this is left to the discretion of the faculty). These verification notes do NOT include (a) description of illness/injury or (b) any judgment by the medical provider regarding the student's need to miss classes or assignments. We encourage students to discuss those details directly with their professors.

If a student anticipates being away from classes for an extended period of time (i.e., a week or longer) and/or is unable to notify all his/her professors, he/she should notify the Dean of Student Life as soon as possible. If there is a disagreement between the student and professor relative to the validity of a student's excuse for missing class, the student may complete a release of information and request a concise statement regarding the student's inability to attend class from the medical provider of care. This statement will be given to the student to share with the professor. Any further disagreements will be referred to the Departmental Chair.

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