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The Student Health Clinic

The Student Health Clinic provides a variety of health care services for Westminster College students. Our medical provider, Kim Lorentz, is a Nurse Practitioner, contracted through Fulton Medical Clinic.

A Nurse Practitioner (N.P.) is a registered nurse (R.N.) who has completed a graduate degree and training in the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions, including both acute and chronic illnesses. The core philosophy of an N.P. is individualized care, making prevention, wellness, and patient education priorities. N.P.'s maintain close working relationships with collaborating physicians and other health care professionals as needed. Nurse Practitioners provide a broad range of health care services such as:

  • Obtaining medical histories and conducting physical examinations
  • Diagnosing and treating acute illnesses, infections, and injuries
  • Diagnosing, treating, and monitoring chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, asthma, allergies)
  • Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests (e.g., lab tests, x-rays, EKGs)
  • Prescribing medications
  • Providing referrals
  • Counseling and educating patients on health behaviors, self-care skills, and treatment options
  • Providing health care maintenance

Dr. Rezwan Islam provides collaboration for our nurse practitioner. Dr. Islam is a Family Practice Physician with Fulton Medical Clinic.

The Student Health Clinic offers students unlimited clinic visits for acute and minor illnesses, minor injuries, allergy injections, and the management of chronic illnesses. It also provides some in-office laboratory services. At-cost charges for laboratory services are for tests that must be sent to an outside lab facility. Should a student need care beyond the scope of the on-site clinic (e.g., x-rays and pharmaceuticals) the student will be responsible for these charges.

Our services are completely confidential. If information is needed to be provided to an outside medical facility or additional individuals (parents/spouse) a release of information is mandatory.
A release of information can be found here. This form can be dropped off in The Wellness Center or faxed or emailed, see contact information below.

Location and Hours

Clinic Location: Lower level of Westminster Hall, located within The Wellness Center.

Clinic Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00am until 5:00pm
Walk-ins are welcome, along with scheduled appointments.
Call (573)592-5361 for an appointment.

Contact Information: Coordinator of Campus Life, Margie Lechner
The Wellness Center
501 Westminster Ave. Fulton, MO 65251
fax: (573)592-5180
email: margie.lechner@westminster-mo.edu

Listed below are a few of the many services provided in the Health Clinic covered by student fees, at no additional cost to students:

  • Sick Visits & Well Check-Ups
  • Visit to answer a health question
  • Physical Exams -summer jobs and pre-employment physicals
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Asthma Treatments
  • Urine test (in clinic)
  • Allergy Shot Administration
  • Contraception Consults
  • Pregnancy test
  • Condoms
  • Well-Women's/Men's Exam
    • Pap Smear
    • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing -- may incur additional lab fees.
    • HIV and Syphilis

**Services that require lab test(s) to be sent to an outside lab will require a lab fee. Students are responsible for payment of lab fees.


Westminster College has contracted with United Healthcare to provide health insurance coverage for both our International and Domestic students. Information on the Student Health Insurance plans can also be obtained at our website.


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