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Student Policies

Risk Management at Westminster College

College events and activities often involve some risk. It is everyone's responsibility to manage this risk by reducing it as much as possible and warning participants about the potential dangers. These procedures are intended to help leaders of student events keep everyone safe.

Student groups must adhere to the risk management guidelines listed below in order to promote safety and to be officially recognized by Westminster College and Student Government Association (SGA). Failure to follow these guidelines may result in any or all of the following: loss of funding from SGA, probation or suspension of charter, or other organizational judiciary consequences as deemed appropriate by the Office of Student Life.

Unless otherwise indicated, all forms must be turned in to the Business office for storage after the event.

Student Event Form
The Student Event Form must be completed for any events involving off-campus travel, non-Westminster community members, potentially dangerous activities, or the use of alcohol.

General Liability Release Form
Used for general travel, potentially dangerous activities, etc.

Private Vehicle Release
Used in addition to the General Liability Release Form when students drive themselves to an event.

Off-Campus Travel Roster
This must be turned in to Security before any organized group of students leaves Fulton for travel. It is used in case someone at the College needs to contact a member of the group in an emergency. For non-class-related travel, the Student Event Form is also required. If private vehicles are used, each participant must complete the Private Vehicle Release.

Fraternity Risk Management Rules
A guide to the unique rules that apply to fraternity events. Fraternities should complete the Student Event Form, but be aware of these additional requirements. Fraternities are also subject to the policies and procedures of their national organization.

Follow this link for answers to some common questions.

Information for Faculty/Staff-Led Trips or Events
Activities that are a part of regular classes do not require the Event Registration form. Only if private vehicles are used for transportation is the Private Vehicle Release required for each participant (see above). For off-campus travel, it is required that an Off-Campus Travel Roster be provided to Security (592-5555) before departure. For non-class-related activities, please utilize the Student Event Form and send it to the Student Activities Office.
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